Drums 4 Life by KJ Dave Doran

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Drummer KJ Dave Doran is teaming up with funk legend „Mr. DEFUNKT“ Joseph Bowie.


Joseph brings the funk energy into the music of XL-TARGET. This makes the music more explosive and challenging. He interweaves his trombone playing and his vocals into the experimental jungle drum tracks of KJ Dave and blends in with the avant-garde jazz guitar tracks of Christy Doran. A new funky jungle-jazz mixture with ambient and breakbeat influences.

A new kind of "urbane groovy future music". The genre constraints are abrogated and fused into driving tracks, with up-tempo beats. A full package of energy and rhythm - at the time the coolest LIVE jungle-jazz sound of the moveToGroove scene.

Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten:

"...entsteht dieses pulsierende, spektralfarbige XL-Target-Universum. Ein Fluss, der in Kammern fließt, sich von seiner inneren Energie nährt, in dessen Strudel es Platz gibt für schöne Harmonien, aggressive Wellen und -brecher, und mehr und mehr am Abend auch für Songs statt Stücke."

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